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    Shenzhen Lobot Technology Co.,Ltd, which is founded in 2012, is an education-oriented innovative robot company. Our company has always devoted to the research and development of educational robot products, the development and application for the PC software and product distribution. After six years, from the research and development of bionic robot control system and servo’s core components, to all kinds of programmable intelligent creative products, our entrepreneur team adheres to independent research and development with millions cost, and finally we have created a relatively perfect ecosystem for both the software and hardware of our educational robots.

    About Founder


    David Zhang ( Zhang Chenyang) is the founder and CEO of company. He is not only a pioneer on bionic education robot, but also a successful example among the university start-ups, leading the company go ahead steadily. On online platform, our company leader accounts for more than 70% market share of this subdivision. He has a keen sense and vision on STEAM education trends, who has his own unique understanding and judgement on educational robot products.

    About Company History


    In 2012, research and develop the bionic robot

    In 2015, Hiwonder was founded. The first-generation educational bionic robot products introduced

    In 2017, the company initially completed the establishment of hardware and software ecosystem,the product line covers different market including primary school, high school and university.

    In 2018, get millions of angel rounds of financing; Further improve the product line and open up the global market

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